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Micha Berman currently resides in Marin County, north of San Francisco. His voice can be heard on radio and television commercials for First Republic Bank, Kelly Moore Paints, Notre Dame De Namur University, the United States Postal Service, Brown and Toland, AMD, Dentek Nightguard, Ariba, EMC, and HP. When not moving his mouth, he moonlights as a social worker trying to save the world and is the author of Permanent Passenger: My Life on a Cruise Ship, a memoir chronicling his life as Assistant Cruise Director for Carnival Cruise Lines. Berman is a graduate of the University of Virginia and holds Masters degrees from New York University and George Washington University. For several years he taught a class on "How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship," as an adjunct Professor at New York University and has published magazine articles on how to break into the cruise line industry. His resume includes short stints in strange smelly places including a dairy farm, law school, the United States Congress, and the Tony Awards. He spends most of his time changing poopy diapers, and buying lottery tickets. He has no immediate plans for any cruises.

Fun Facts

  • Micha Berman has a reputation for breaking into tough jobs. At one time due to a fortunate mistake, the author was part of an elite group with unlimited access to Broadway shows as one of the Tony Awards Nominating Committee.
  • Micha was one of the early backpackers to travel through Vietnam in the early 1990's when the country opened its doors to the West. He quickly set the record for sitting on the toilet for the longest period of time with diarrhea.
  • Micha has a knack for seeking adventure, he braved the cold waters of the San Francisco Bay to swim from Alcatraz to the shore, has run multiple marathons, and has ventured out to the Farallon Islands for a face to face rendevous with Great White Sharks.
  • Micha is a United Nations on wheels. Born in Israel to parents from South Africa and Holland, he spent his formative years growing up in Baltimore, going to college in the South, settling in New York City and eventually marrying a Japanese-American woman in San Francisco.

Habits that are sick and strange

  1. Not touching doorknobs (bathrooms and sperm donation centers especially)
  2. Peeing in paper cups (only when public or private bathrooms are not available)
  3. Biting nails till they bleed, puss, or yell for help
  4. Putting double layers of toilet paper on toilet seat (see #1)
  5. Experiencing deep anal pains that cause me to dance like Michael Jackson on fire
  6. Not eating animals that swim, roll in the mud, or make love to their young (see #5)
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