1. You like musicals, color coordinate very well, and are very theatrical. Are you gay?
    First, I am very offended by that question. (In hushed voice) I do occasionally meet privately with priests, male hookers, and like to spend time in Turkish baths, but to answer your question I am not gay.
  2. Why are your ears so big?
    My mother spent her single years traveling with the Hungarian circus and liked to sleep in the elephant tent.
  3. Do you have any advice for struggling voiceover artists?
    Something I just thought up the other day - try not to be too announcery – I believe this is a revolutionary concept.
  4. Do voiceover websites really need a FAQ?
    That would be a great FAQ.
  5. When did you know you wanted to be a voiceover artist?
    At about six months as a baby when I was breastfeeding. I pulled away from the breast and said, "pick up - is this nipple on?"
  6. Do you drink a lot of tea to keep your voice strong and healthy?
    No, I like to collect dead bats, drain their blood, urine, and saliva to create a hot concoction I like to call hot bat – great with marshmallows.
  7. What is your vision for the world?
    Nuclear annihilation with a twist of vermin.
  8. Is it true you can do 67 dialects and 475 character voices?
    No, but I have booked regularly in the commercial and narration fields, and have been known to do a character or two. (spoken in southern Umbrian Italian working class accent for a male with a left limp)
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